On Saturday April 30th in Washington Square Park, Taja Lindley participated in the Free University's 5th annual May Day University with a public performance iteration of "This Ain't A Eulogy." With sidewalk chalk, Lindley wrote out the first and last names of 100+ unarmed Black people killed by the police in the United States. Making public space sacred. She will be doing this public performance throughout NYC summer 2016.


University of Utah

Student's for Choice Annual Sex Week

Salt Lake City, UT

Performance: Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape

Workshop: Hip Hop Feminism

02.13.2016 | 8:00pm


Brooklyn, NY

Performance: "Race Jones" as sassaBrass: The Poom Poom Priestess

02.19.2016 | 8:00pm

BAX Upstart Festival

Brooklyn, NY

Performance: Hips Hands Tongue choreographed by Alicia Raquel

02.20.2016 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm

1199 SEIU Bread and Roses Annual Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center

310 West 43rd Street

New York, NY

Performance: This Ain't A Eulogy

10.16.2015 | 7:00pm

2020 Leading Women's Society Awards Gala

Atlanta, GA

Performance: Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape

10.30.2015 & 10.31.2015


Brooklyn, NY

Performance: "Between Holding On & Letting Go"

11.14.2015 | 7:00pm

Imaging Justice for the Dark Divine at Bushwick Starr

Brooklyn, NY

Performance: "This Ain't A Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-Membering"

12.4.2015 & 12.5.2015 | 8:00pm

Fall Space Grant Showcase

Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Brooklyn, NY