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II XI XX (two | eleven | twenty) is an interdisciplinary and multi-platform biomythography project by Taja Lindley that uses tarot constellations to make sense and meaning of her life.


II XI XX begins with a podcast: it's not a show – it's a creative process made public featuring episodes that consider and combine memory, memoir, myth and tarot.


Episodes drop on the 2nd day of every month, plus bonus episodes (per Taja’s capacity and interest) released on the 11th and/or 20th day of the month. Expect non-linear storytelling; excerpts from journal pages; creative musings and experiments; and interviews with tarot scholars, practitioners, enthusiasts and artists as well as therapists, astrologers, and more.


This podcast is an opportunity for you to:

  • Learn more about tarot: constellations, history, scholarship, art and practice

  • Witness the application of tarot constellations and year cards

  • Get an inside look into Taja’s creative practice and process, namely the questions, source materials and conversations that help generate her creative/art works

  • Hear stories and experience conversations that support creative practice, personal healing and spiritual evolution

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