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This Ain't A Eulogy:

A Ritual for Re-Membering

Moved by the non-indictments of the police officers responsible for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, This Ain't A Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-Membering draws parallels between discarded materials and the violent treatment of Black people in the United States. This solo performance healing ritual debuted in January 2015 at La Mama's SQUIRTS: New Voices in Queer Performance. Through performance and installation, Lindley repurposed trash bags to re-member, honor and value the Black lives that have lost due to police violence. In this post-Ferguson moment, Lindley is imagining how to recycle the energy of protest, rage, and grief into creating a world where, indeed, Black lives matter.

This Ain't A Eulogy is the origin story of The Bag Lady, and serves as a preamble to Lindley's one woman show The Bag Lady Manifesta which debuted at Dixon Place September 2017.

If you're interested in screening this film at an event or festival, please visit the bookings page.

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