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Invoice #001 is the first in a forthcoming series of conceptual invoices addressing the under- and uncompensated labor of Black women in the United States.


In this inaugural work, Taja Lindley addresses the involuntary labor of lactating enslaved Black women as wet nurses. This piece asks questions about value, currency, and responsibility.


These questions are not rhetorical – they are invitations and viewers are encouraged to respond to one, some, or all of the questions using the form below or click here

Your responses may be included in future iterations of and presentations about this work.

This series of invoices is part of the Black Women’s Dept. of Labor: a project and podcast about race, gender and the double entendre of labor - to work and to give birth. Click here listen to episodes and learn more about the project.

Image Credit:

Photographer: Etienne Frossard

Old Stone House

Brooklyn, NY


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