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"Pump & Feed" is a (virtual) performance ritual by Taja Lindley that comments on the labor of breastfeeding when returning to work after maternity leave. This work is inspired by Lindey's younger sister who recently gave birth and is navigating infant feeding postpartum as a special needs teacher for elementary school students.

We often hear "breast is best" yet postpartum folks are not always supported. This piece asks: how can we (better) support breastfeeding parents? What labor is required and by whom for this support? What systems and relationships need to transform so that postpartum folks are not shouldering this responsibility alone?

"Pump & Feed" premiered at "We Are Each Other's Harvest: Postpartum Nutrition and Infant Feeding" on Monday May 8th, 2023. This event was the second day of a series of events curated by the inaugural National Postpartum Awareness Week. You can watch the replay here. The performance begins at 01:20:55.

The National Postpartum Awareness Week (PAW) Campaign is a commitment to engage in collective action to ensure safe pregnancy and postpartum outcomes for Black, Brown, and Indigenous women and birthing people (BIPOC); locally, nationally, and internationally. The collective members represent over 25 states from across the country who are committed to amplifying the needs and the voices of BIPOC during the 4th Trimester so that “Birthing while Black or Brown” in the US will no longer be a death sentence. Through the power of collective action, this campaign raises awareness about the inequitable and unacceptable impact of systemic and institutional racism experienced by BIPOC; especially during their pregnancy, birthing and postpartum journeys.

The Inaugural National Postpartum Awareness Week 2023 Campaign is taking place from Sunday, May 7th - Saturday, May 13th, 2023 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST each night.

Taja Lindley will be sharing a short performance during Day 2 of the week-long events.

We Are Each Other’s Harvest: Postpartum Nutrition and Infant Feeding

Monday May 8th, 2023

FREE via Zoom

Click here to register

The Summer edition of Taja Tuesday Artist Talk is going down next Tuesday Sept. 6th – the day after Labor Day! – and will feature a presentation about the art, love, and labor that went into producing the latest season of the Black Women’s Dept. of Labor.

In this talk, Taja will be reflecting on her experiences with graphic design, editing, music production, monetization, selecting and interviewing guests, promotion and stewarding her vision.

She'll also be sharing:

  • Behind the scenes stories and images about her creative process

  • Details about the software, equipment, and setup she used

  • Mistakes she made and lessons she's learned

  • Accomplishments and milestones of the season

  • What’s on the horizon for the podcast and project

Tune in if you’re interested in learning more about independent podcasting as well as the hustle and muscle that went into producing the Black Women’s Dept. of Labor.

This is a Patreon exclusive event so be sure to register at the Creative Conversation Patron level ($17/month) or above to attend! These sessions are recorded and the replay is available for Patrons.

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