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Taja Tuesday Artist Talks | Hitting the Road

Taja has self-produced two tours – the Colored Girls Hustle Hard Mixtape Tour (2014-2016) and The Bag Lady Manifesta Tour (2017-2019). These two tours have traveled to over 20 cities nationwide (as well as one stop in Canada!) and generated nearly $50,000 in gross revenue from performances, workshops, merchandise, film screenings, exhibitions and lectures at colleges, universities, theaters, festivals, museums, galleries, conferences, and galas.

In this month’s Taja Tuesday Artist Talk, she will be sharing practices and processes she used to initiate and manage both tours. Whether you plan to produce a tour on your own or with a team: you will find valuable information in this presentation!

Tune in if you want to learn about practical tips and magical tools to support you with manifesting a tour, including how to:

  • Create a profitable tour budget, including tax deductible expenses

  • Codify your values, needs and desires into your contract

  • Solicit venues as well as attract/magnetize invitations to share your work

  • Design digital assets that will support you with securing venues as well as marketing booked shows

  • Generate additional income while you’re on tour

  • Secure partnerships and collaborations – remotely and on tour – that will support you and your team with filling seats and making coin

  • And more!

The zoom link will be posted to Patreon later this month and will be included in a Google calendar invite sent to all qualifying Patrons.

These sessions are recorded and uploaded into Patreon for folks who are unable to attend the live event. Both the live and recorded presentations are available for Creative Conversation Patrons ($17/month) and above.


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