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Taja Tuesday Artist Talk | Orgasmic Rebirth

Taja Tuesday Artist Talks are 60-minute virtual meetups where Taja presents about a creative project, practice, process and/or inspiration, and followed by Q&A and conversation.

This month's artist talk is the inaugural installment of this monthly series and will feature a presentation about Orgasmic Rebirth.

We are living in wild times that demand more than change - tis the season of radical transformation! Although stewarding her rebirth has been filled with grief (after all, new beginnings can’t happen without endings), it has also become a joy-filled and pleasurable experience, especially as she leans into the art of becoming. Taja will be sharing more about her orgasmic rebirthing process as well as the creative projects that have emerged and shifted for her during this time.

The zoom link will be posted to Patreon the week of May 10th and will be included in a Google calendar invite that will be sent to all qualifying Patrons.

These sessions are recorded and uploaded into Patreon for folks who are unable to attend the live event. Both the live and recorded presentations are available for Creative Conversation Patrons ($17/month) and above.


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