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Taja Tuesday Artist Talk | Beyond Selling Our Time

We currently live in an economic system that, by and large, does not support artists except when they create something for sale. The US economy could do more to support living artists beyond what they produce, but given the current systems and structures, many artists engage in the gig economy and take on jobs (full time, part time, consulting) to sustain themselves and invest in their work.

In this month’s Taja Tuesday Artist Talk, Taja will be sharing how she make sense and meaning of her paid gig work, and the ways in which that work has informed and inspired her creative projects to date. She’ll also be sharing her visions and hopes to sustain herself beyond the gig economy. After the talk, she’ll open up the Q&A space for dialogue and dreamstorming for how we can all move beyond selling our time.

Join her Patreon at the Creative Conversation level or above to attend! These sessions are recorded and uploaded into Patreon for folks who are unable to attend the live event.


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