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Taja Tuesday Artist Talk | Art(ist) With(out) Institution

As an artist without a fine arts degree, Taja has to navigated the “art world” with intuition and self-direction. After the onslaught of black squares in Instagram last summer, she's been growing increasingly curious about her relationships with institutions. While not professing to know it all, Taja has done her best to carve her own path by being intentionally selective about collaborations, partnerships, sponsorships, and applications for opportunities.

In this month’s Taja Tuesday Artist Talk, she'll be sharing her stories and practices of working within and outside of institutional support, and what she has learned along the way. This session will be recorded, however, the recording will stop after her presentation to have a candid conversation with folks who attend.

This is a Patreon exclusive event so be sure to register at the Creative Conversation Patron level (or above!) to attend.


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