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From the Archive | A Patreon Only Summer Experience

July is Taja's birthday month! In honor of Cancer season and her solar return, she's making some of her archival footage available to view on Patreon for a limited time.

In 2019, Taja had three opportunities to present her interdisciplinary work with trash bags in solo exhibitions entitled "Re-Membering is the Responsibility of the Living" at the Carver Museum in Austin, TX (March-July); Practice Gallery in Philadelphia, PA (September); and Art League Houston in Houston, TX (November 2019 - January, 2020).

Three videos and an audio track have been shared in Patreon that were designed for the in-person installation experience. For the rest of the summer, Patrons have an opportunity to virtually experience this work. This video is a preview of "Bag Lady in Black: Iteration II."

These will be available to view and listen to until the Fall Equinox on Wednesday September 22nd.

To get a feel of how these materials were used in the museum and gallery spaces of her exhibition, visit for photos and additional context.


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