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Intimate Interlude: Taja Lindley of Colored Girls Hustle & Leah Song of Rising Appalachia

"Too many times in the “performing art” world I sit in the audience and think: WTF am I watching? I feel alienated from what is happening on stage. Granted, not every piece of art will speak to me. But there can be a culture in the “art world” (what is that anyway?) to create art for other artists, to create work that is cerebral and requires a lot of thinking. And while I don’t mind working my critical thinking muscle, I want to feel something. To be touched, moved and inspired by what I’m witnessing...And that is my responsibility on stage: to speak my truth –- my medicine. A performance can be a powerful healing opportunity – for me and for the people who witness. So when I prepare for a performance, I prepare to be a vessel of healing and transformation. I pray before I perform and I pray afterwards to ensure that the people who witness aren’t left feeling unraveled."

-Taja Lindley

Visit the Arts, Culture, Social Justice Network's blog to read the rest of the intimate interlude.

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