The Invitation


Orgasmic Bathing Flyer3.jpg

Orgasmic Bathing | A Venus Day Ritual by Taja Lindley is the debut of her latest public project: The Invitation. Inspired by her participation in a Conceptual Art continuing education class with Ed Woodham in 2021, this ongoing project invites any and everyone, especially Black women and femmes, to remotely participate in creative ceremonies by following (and remixing) a ritual recipe developed by artist Taja Lindley. The intention for this public work is to inspire daily sacred living through a series of instructions for actions, rituals and ceremonies that come from Taja's personal practice. Taja's response to this work is a part of her Pleasure Ritual series and premiered as part of Poetic License Festival: A Feeling Good Ritual. It is now available for view on her Patreon for all tiers. Future invitations will be made. Stay tuned!

The Instructions

1. Gather a plant of your choice and consume it.

2. Gather spring water blessed by the sun/moon/stars/Earth and bless it again, this time with your intentions.

3. Gather your favorite materials - tools and ingredients that cultivate bliss, spark joy, and feel good.

4.  Run your bath water and add your materials.

5. Soak and revel in the water. Touch yourself and feel good. Optional: bring yourself to an orgasm and steep in the waters awhile longer.

6. When you are complete: air dry, moisturize, listen, tend to yourself, east something cold and sweet, and rest.

Participating in the Public Project

To participate in the public project, take time to creatively document your Orgasmic Bathing experience. This can be a poem, a picture, a video, a drawing, a collage, an essay, or anything else you'd like to create! It can be elaborate or simple, and can take as little or as much time as you'd like to prepare.


If sharing publicly, please be sure to credit "Taja Lindley" and the name of the invitation you're participating in (in this case, Orgasmic Bathing | A Venus Day Ritual). You can tag @TajaLindley #TajaLindley and The Invitation #OrgasmicBathing.


You're also welcome to share your experience with me privately via DM or via my contact page (if using the contact page, provide a link for images, audio and or video files you want to share via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).


You are also welcome not to share your experience with anyone (including me!) and revel in the experience for yourself!