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Taja Tuesday Artist Talk | Behind the Mic

Last year Taja launched the Birth Justice Podcast NYC.

This year Taja launched II XI XX (two | eleven | twenty).

Both podcasts function as creative process for two distinct, multi-platform, interdisciplinary projects.

Tune in next Tuesday for this month's edition of Taja Tuesday Artist Talk, where she’ll be discussing how she uses podcasting as a form to work out concepts and as a method for creative research and development. Taja will also be sharing some exciting announcements about season 2 of the Birth Justice Podcast NYC that she will *not* be sharing publicly until 2022.

This is a Patreon exclusive event so be sure to register at the Creative Conversation Patron level ($17/month) or above to attend! These sessions are recorded and uploaded into Patreon for folks who are unable to attend the live event.


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