sassaBrass: The Poom Poom Priestess (Taja Lindley's burlesque alter ego) is a pleasure-filled healer who uses the ritual of performance to deliver the gospel of the pussy. The pussy is magic, is medicine, is gold, is divine, is an entrance and an exit -- an opening to the deepest, most sacred spaces of women's ancestral knowledge. The pussy gospel is ancient. sassaBrass is the messenger, the vessel. Twerking is the testimony -- cuz the booty don't lie! Welcome to church where we pussy pop for praise and worship in the service of our freedom and liberation.

sassaBrass got her start as a graduate of the Brown Girls Burlesque Broad Squad Institute in 2013 and has since studied at the New York School of Burlesque and has been mentored by Perle Noire. 

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(c) Taja Lindley 2017