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Below are podcasts and video interviews with Taja Lindley about her creative practice, journey, projects and process.

Written interviews can be found on the CV page. Each article is hyperlinked for easy access.

You can also attend and watch Taja Tuesday Artist Talks on her Patreon at the Creative Conversation Patron level and up.

 Austin Art Talks Podcast

May 2019

Listen to Taja Lindley's interview on Austin Art Talk Podcast hosted by photographer, art enthusiast and collector, Scott David Gordon. Scott and Taja talk about her exhibition at the Carver Museum and many of the experiences that have informed her practice and process. Click the photo to listen or tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

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 "The Performance Starts" Now | Sick Day Podcast

Sick Day logo.jpeg

June 2019

Episode 20 of Dan Fishback's Sick Day podcast features a conversation with Taja Lindley about working space vs. living space, her gateway to teenage Christianity, the life of her project The Bag Lady Manifesta, and her work on Black maternal mortality. Click the photo to listen or tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

W A T C H 
 A Conversation with the Hemispheric Institute

April 2017

A conversation between Marlène Ramírez-Cancio - the Hemispheric Institute's Associate Director, Arts & Media - and Taja Lindley about her journey in and to her artistic practices, including childhood stories, activism impulses, and more.

 A Creative's Perspective with FDBK

February 2021

A Creative's Perspective is an interview series and performance platform for artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives presented by Feminine Divine Brooklyn (FDBK). This conversation focused on Taja's move to Hawaii and how this transition is impacting her creative practice and process.

 Dance on 4th! Zoomcast Interview with FABnyc

March 2021

An artist talk via conversation and interview with Imani Vieira - the Communications and Programs Manager at FABnyc. This conversation focuses on Taja's creative practice with a focus on dance and movement-based performance.

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